Transferans, 1 Mart Cuma günü Transferans Rec: Istanbul Electronics II etkinlik serisi kapsamında Viyana’ya gidiyor. RAW, Seretan, Braun.aar ve Speek’in katılımıyla akşam 21:00’dan itibaren Brunnengasse 76, AU’da!

Transferans Rec: Istanbul Electronics II Transerans in Viyana streets! “Istanbul Electronics II”, the night with full of leftfield experimental electronic music that stretch your knowledge about Turkey’s current music scene! It takes place with performances of RAW, Seretan, Braun.aar and Speek at AU, Vienna. Running from 9 PM on March 1st until at least morning, the event will feature live and dj set performances from four projects. You are invited to a one-day electronic music event to listen fresh, rare and even unreleased tracks from Istanbul underground electronic music scene curated by Istanbul label!

Live Stage
21:00 Braun.aar
22:00 Seretan
23:00 RAW
24:00 Speek

DJ Sets
01:00 – 04:00 Transferans DJ Set